Orca3D Version 3 Work-in-Progress (WIP) Release

We are pleased to announce the availability of a Work-in-Progress (WIP) release of Orca3D Version 3. Like Rhino, major version updates of Orca3D begin with a series of work-in-progress (WIP) releases to allow users to participate in the development process by providing feedback to our development team.

In addition to numerous improvements to the existing Orca3D capabilities for Hull Design and Fairing, Hydrostatics and Stability, Speed/Power Prediction, Weight/Cost Tracking, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Version 3 introduces a completely new optional module for Advanced Stability modeling and calculations.

The Advanced Stability module includes compartment and tank definition, permeability, fixed and fluid loads, multiple load cases, free surface effects, intact and damaged stability, tank tables, and stability criteria evaluation. Internal subdivision may be created interactively or with a command script. Compartments and tanks may be modeled by inserting planar bulkheads and decks as subdividers, extruding curves as a subdivider, or selecting custom geometry. A new Fluid Library is included to make tank loading easier, and wind heeling moments can be computed from the projection of model geometry. The load case definition form includes a live equilibrium solver to evaluate the effects of loading changes on the equilibrium condition as the loads are edited. A new Frame System with variable-spaced frames in all three axes provides an optional way to specify the location of subdividers such as transverse bulkheads.

Version 3 is compatible with Rhino 7 and will be compatible with Rhino 8. We invite you to visit https://orca3d.com/pages/v3-work-in-progress to download Version 3 and to activate a trial license. In addition to the installation file, you’ll find a sample model, a sample script, and an introductory video. As always, we encourage questions and feedback at support@orca3d.com.