Similar to Rhino, major version updates of Orca3D begin with a series of work-in-progress (WIP) releases to allow our users and non-users to participate in the development process by providing feedback to our development team.

Important notes on the Version 3 WIP:

  • The WIP will expire on November 5th. A new release will be posted before then, and you will need to update to continue using the WIP.
  • Currently Version 3 only runs in Rhino 7. SR33 or later is required for Orca3D Version 3.0.8.
  • Version 3 will not run in Rhino 6 or earlier. To run in Rhino 8, right-click on the Rhino 8 desktop icon, select Properties, and add /netfx at the end of the target so that it reads "C:\Program Files\Rhino 8 WIP\System\Rhino.exe" /netfx
  • Orca3D Version 3 and Version 2 can both be installed on your computer, but Rhino can only load one version at a time. You may uninstall Version 2 or, to use both versions on the same computer, see the instructions that are linked below. Version 2 will not recognize Orca3D data saved with Version 3 (e.g., section locations, etc.).
  • When Version 3 is released, it will be a paid upgrade. The Advanced Stability module is purchased separately, and is not an upgrade to Level 1 or Level 2. 
  • Orca3D Version 3 uses a different license key than Version 2. The first time Version 3 is loaded you will be able to activate a trial license, which can be extended by request beyond the 15-day default period during the WIP process. 
  • Orca3D Version 3 will no longer use "Level 1" and "Level 2" to describe the functionality. 
  • Version 3 has three modules:
    • DESIGN: Includes the Hull Design & Fairing and Basic Hydrostatics & Stability features. This is equivalent to the previous Level 1.
    • ANALYSIS: Includes the Speed/Power feature, the CFD interface, and the Weight & Cost feature. This is equivalent to the previous Level 2, except that it does not include the Level 1 functionality and will be priced accordingly. The ANALYSIS module is not dependent on the DESIGN module so it may be purchased independently.
    • ADVANCED STABILITY: Includes compartmentation and tank modeling, fluid and solid loads, load cases, free surface effects, intact and damaged stability with stability criteria evaluation, and tank tables.
    • There are no prerequisites; modules may be purchased in any combination.
    • A network license may have a different number of seats of each module (e.g., 3 Design modules, 2 Analysis modules, and 1 Advanced Stability module).

Highlights of Version 3 include:

  • New Advanced Stability Module, including compartment and tank definition, fixed and fluid loads, multiple load cases, free surface effects, intact and damaged stability, tank tables, and stability criteria evaluation. A new Fluid Library is included to make tank loading easier, and wind heeling moments can be computed from projection of model geometry. The load case definition form includes a live equilibrium solver to evaluate the effects of loading changes on the equilibrium condition as the loads are edited.
  • New option for Orca3D Marine CFD to set up Wake Survey simulations to evaluate wake fraction along with a wake survey reporting option to perform harmonic analysis on the results of a simulation.
  • Import of CFD Streamlines into Rhino/Orca3D
  • Multiple lists of Sections (stations, buttocks, waterlines, etc.), each having their own associated geometry and functionality such as hull design and fairing, hydrostatics (sectional area curve), or lines drawings and offset tables
  • Weight Reports may now be grouped by Material, in addition to the other grouping options, and can be exported to CSV as well as to the formatted report output
  • Added flexibility in selection of surface(s) for Planing and Displacement Resistance prediction, as well as the Load Case to be used
  • Unlimited Loading Conditions may be saved for Basic Hydrostatics (replacing the single Design condition)
  • Improved reporting throughout including saving of all reports with the Rhino model for future reference
  • Changes to prepare for Rhino 8 compatibility. (V3 is compatible with Rhino 7, but not earlier versions of Rhino)
  • New resistance prediction method (van Oortmerssen) for small commercial vessels such as trawlers and tugs
  • More licensing flexibility including Annual licenses. With an Annual license the user is always entitled to the latest version at no additional cost.
  • Technical support is included with all licenses.

Below you will find the links to download the Installation Instructions, the Installation File, and a sample model. The Orca3D Help file includes a tutorial as well as detailed information on the new Advanced Stability module.


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