Advanced Hydrostatics & Stability (WIP)

In addition to the quick hydrostatics and stability analysis of a Rhino model, Orca3D includes capabilities for detailed modeling of tanks and compartments, creating load cases with fixed and fluid loads, and computing intact and damaged stability with free surface effects. Stability criteria may be defined and evaluated as part of the stability analysis, and there are complete and flexible reporting capabilities. As with other Orca3D functions, models imported from other software or created in Rhino without Orca3D can be analyzed just as if they were created with Orca3D.

Because Orca3D computes the hydrostatic properties based on the surface model using first principles, there is really no limit to the type of vessel or object that it can analyze. Orca3D is especially useful for non-ship shape models, where the traditional approach of station-based integration can be very difficult.