New Orca3D Version (2.0.10) now available

We are happy to announce the release of Orca3D Version 2.0.10. This is a free update to Version 2 license holders. If you have a Version 1 license, please click here to purchase an upgrade to Version 2.

To update a previous installation of Orca3D Version 2, use the Control Panel to uninstall your current version. Next, download the installation file from this page. Double-click on the downloaded file to run it, and follow the instructions.

Following is a summary of what is new in Version 2.0.10, as well as the previous release, Versions 2.0.8 and 2.0.9:

Release 2.0.10 (July 2019)

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a bug in the Orca3D Marine CFD Python script that is automatically generated. For now, all simulations will run to completion without any convergence checking to avoid premature ending of simulations.


Release 2.0.9 (June 2019)

Enhanced Features:
• Modified the OrcaSimericsAnalysis CFD command to take advantage of new functionality in SimericsMP 5.0. This included adding new CFD grid density options and adding an input to control the number of saved CFD results files. This input value currently defaults to 4 so that the user will have 4 .sres files when running the simulation, which allows the user to get back to the most recently saved point in the simulation if a failure or reboot occurs during the simulation.
• Added a new button in the hydrostatics form to allow the user to both create and select a flotation plane graphically instead of having to first create the plane before running the hydrostatics command.
• Extended the offset table command to include 3D curves that the user selects (such as chine or deck edge curves) to the offset table output. To include these curves the user must first create them if necessary by extracting them from the surface model and then select the offset table option to specify curves to include and select them along with stations, waterlines, and buttock curves.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a bug in the OrcaCreateFloatPlane command in which plane creation could fail if the selected reference points were on a perfectly horizontal plane.
• Fixed a bug in setting flotation plane sinkage, trim, and heel values in hydrostatics form by picking a plane surface that occurred with certain model orientations.
• Fixed a bug in decimal separator localization in the Simerics propeller performance input form.
• Fixed an issue in defining the Orca3D Design Condition where it was possible to have objects on hidden/locked layers that were part of the design condition even after the user chose to re-select objects in the condition.


Release 2.0.8 (April 2019)

Enhanced Features:
• Modified the hydrostatics command so that when the user chooses the option to “Add Plane(s) Representing Water Surface”, an annotation dot is included representing the Center of Gravity location. This assumes that the CG is known either because it was entered as part of is an equilibrium free float calculation or was computed from a fixed flotation plane calculation with a VCG input for a righting arm calculation.
• Added ability to graphically display refinement zones for Orca3D Marine CFD. The “Refinement Zones” tab now contains a toolbar button to review the currently defined refinement zones. Zones that are inactive are shown grayed out.

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed a units-related bug in the creation/editing of refinement zones for Orca3D Marine CFD.
• Fixed a bug in how cylindrical refinement zones were being created/persisted.
• Fixed a bug in the Orca3D Marine CFD Python script that is automatically generated. This bug was related to convergence checking during the simulation run.
• Modified the Orca3D offset table command to improve error handling.
• Fixed an issue in the Orca3D Marine CFD report command in which Simerics project files that contain an apostrophe would create invalid cell references to imported file worksheets.