Commercial Pricing

  • There are three modules in the Orca3D plugin (the CFD license is separate):
    • Design – Hull Design & Fairing, Basic Hydrostatics & Stability
    • Analysis – Parametric Speed/Power Prediction, CFD Pre- and Post-Processing, Weight/Cost Tracking
    • Advanced Stability - Compartmentation and tank modeling, fluid and solid loads, load cases, free surface effects, intact and damaged stability with stability criteria evaluation, and tank tables
  • Modules may be purchased in any combination (no prerequisites)
  • Annual licenses are entitled to all minor updates (e.g., version 3.x to 3.y), major upgrades (e.g., version 3.x to 4.x) that are released during the license period, and technical support.
  • Perpetual licenses are entitled to all minor updates (e.g., version 3.x to 3.y) and technical support. Major upgrades (e.g., version 3.x to 4.x) must be purchased.

Commercial licenses are available as Standalone or floating Network licenses. Standalone Licenses are tied to a particular computer (although they can be transferred such as when you get a new computer, but it cannot be done  frequently; to share a license you will need a Network license). Network Licenses “float” on a network; any computer on the network can access it, but one license must be purchased for each simultaneous user (requirements). Network licenses require that you host a Network License Server on your network.






✔︎ Hull Design & Fairing
✔︎ Speed/Power Prediction
✔︎ Intact and Damage Stability with Compartmentation and Tank modeling, Fluid and Fixed load, Free Surface Effects
✔︎ Basic Hydrostatics
✔︎ CFD Interface
✔︎ Weight/Cost Tracking

Standalone: $500/year (Annual) or $1500 (Perpetual)

Network: $625/year (Annual) or $1875 (Perpetual)

Standalone: $500/year (Annual) or $1500 (Perpetual)

Network: $625/year (Annual) or $1875 (Perpetual)

Standalone: $3,500/year (Annual) or $10,500 (Perpetual)

Network: $4,375/year (Annual) or $13,125 (Perpetual)

 Please select the products that you would like to purchase and add them to your cart. After completion of the order, you will receive a License Code by email, which you can use to activate your license for Orca3D.