Upgrade to Version 3 from Orca3D Version 1 or Version 2

  • There are three modules in the Orca3D plugin (the CFD license is separate):
    • Design – Hull Design & Fairing, Basic Hydrostatics & Stability
    • Analysis – Parametric Speed/Power Prediction, CFD Pre- and Post-Processing, Weight/Cost Tracking
    • Advanced Stability - Compartmentation and tank modeling, fluid and solid loads, load cases, free surface effects, intact and damaged stability with stability criteria evaluation, and tank tables
  • Level 1 licenses may be upgraded to the Design module
  • Level 2 licenses may be upgraded to the Design and Analysis modules
  • Advanced Stability is a new module and therefore is a new purchase and not an upgrade
  • Annual licenses are entitled to all minor updates (e.g., version 3.x to 3.y), major upgrades (e.g., version 3.x to 4.x), and technical support.
  • Perpetual licenses are entitled to all minor updates (e.g., version 3.x to 3.y) and technical support. Major upgrades (e.g., version 3.x to 4.x) must be purchased.
  • Floating Network Licenses add 25% to the prices shown below.
  • University Lab Licenses are not upgradeable. A new Annual or Perpetual University Lab Kit license must be purchased.
  • Individual Educational Licenses (Version 1 or Version 2) are not upgradeable to a new Version 3 Educational License. Users who still qualify for educational pricing may purchase a new Annual Educational license for Version 3. Those who no longer qualify for educational pricing may upgrade to an Annual or Perpetual license at the Commercial Upgrade price.

Upgrade Level 1 to Design Module

Upgrade Level 2 to Design and Analysis Modules

✔︎ Hull Design & Fairing
✔︎ Hull Design & Fairing
✔︎ Basic Hydrostatics/
✔︎ Basic Hydrostatics
✔︎ Speed/Power Prediction
✔︎ CFD Interface
✔︎ Weight/Cost Tracking

Annual: $250 first year
$500/year thereafter


Perpetual: $750

Annual: $500 first year
$1000/year thereafter


Perpetual: $1500

Please select the products that you would like to purchase and add them ot your cart. After completion of the order, you will receive a License Code by email, which you can use to activate your license for Orca3D.  




✔︎ Intact and Damage Stability with Compartmentation and Tank modeling, Fluid and Fixed Loads, Free Surface Effects

Annual: $3500/year


Perpetual: $10,500