Testimonial- Naval Architect, Buenos Aires

“Orca3D is certainly the perfect companion for Rhinoceros, adding new commands and features that allow you to properly and efficiently deal with virtually any waterborne project.

Hydrostatics & Stability (H&S) built-in code is very robust, accurate and fast. You can analyze virtually any type of hull geometry, no matter whether it is a monohull or multihull of any kind, with a full degree of confidence on the results obtained.

Orca3D’s different approach for processing Hydrostatic &  Stability calculations makes it quite versatile and immune to usual 3D model flaws, i.e. when you finish with naked edges below waterline, or singular  points (singularities) and so, allowing you to override this problem and get H&S calculations for your model, even when the hull is not perfectly modeled.”

-Martin Monteverde