Testimonial- Martin Monteverde


"OrcaCFD - Leading/Pioneering a new Stage in Ship Design

Even though Numerical Simulation & Analysis has been around since very long ago, over the last decade we have witnessed that CFD Analysis has made a sheer progress, becoming nowadays an essential tool for the analysis of almost any complex engineering (flow) problem.
Today, CFD offers a very broad range of very complex & reliable codes capable to simulate and predict accurately the most diverse set of complex flow problems.

Yet, most of the CFD packages available today are aimed to the field of Multiphysics analysis and still require of high degree of expertise in many of all the CFD relevant fields (Numerical Analysis, Physics, Fluid Dynamics, etc.) for its proper use.
So, it's No surprise that they are still perceived as either "very desired", but also as somewhat "cryptic" & "difficult" tools to learn and implement, by much of the broad community of potential users in the Marine Design field & Naval Architecture... including myself!

But, fortunately, with the arrival of Orca3D Marine CFD, things have changed...

The Orca3D developers have succeeded in tackling and tumbling down all of those obstacles, by teaming up with a leading CFD developer (Simerics Inc.) and implementing a new and novel user interface to bring CFD Analysis within the reach of any Marine Designer/Naval Architect.
This is certainly – in my opinion – a giant leap and the starting point of a New era/stage in Marine Design.

With Orca3D Marine CFD you can setup and start running a full CFD Simulation of your hull design (either mono-hull and multi-hull) within "minutes".
The required “mesh” for the CFD analysis is "silently" & “quickly” created right off your Rhino/Orca3D model in just "one" step.
Moreover, you don't need to count with expensive and complex hardware (e.g. a computer cluster) to run a simulation, as I've been testing the software on a 10 year old desktop PC with a single 6-core processor (i970), running all the simulations within a very reasonable amount of time".

In summary... Orca3D Marine CFD will turn your computer into a sophisticated "virtual" tank for hydrodynamic model testing.

So. If, in addition to all the excellent and useful features that the Rhino+Orca3D bundle already offers for the development of your projects, you’re also looking into a sophisticated, yet easy to use, CFD tool that lets you fully evaluate (Resistance, Self Propulsion, etc.) your hull models, my recommendation is... Do Not hesitate and give Orca3D Marine CFD a try. You won't be disappointed.

-Martin Monteverde