Testimonial- Jim Pauling Yacht Design

“Previously I had been designing on another yacht design software package. Although it was very good yacht design software, it did not do everything that I needed it to do and therefore I required a 2D AutoCAD software for working drawings plus a rendering software for presentation. For rendering I used Rhino as it is superbly user friendly and very versatile. Once I found I could use Orca with Rhino it meant that I no longer needed any other software. Orca took care of the naval architecture/hull lines, stability, hydrostats and Rhino took care of rendering and 2D drawings. This made life so much simpler and I have been very happy with the accuracy and the hydrostatic data output from Orca for my boat designs. It wasn’t long before I transferred all my files over and now solely use Rhino/Orca3D. I wouldn’t use anything else.

The backup and support has been absolutely superb with prompt responses to any questions I have had allowing me to get back to work very quickly on the occasional times I have run into difficulty.

I think Rhino/Orca3D is a superb package and certainly has put a lot of enjoyment back into the design process. Easy to use, accurate and versatile. The data from our as-built boats concurs extremely well with the design data so we know the accuracy is right on. When we can take measurements off the drawings and compare them to the boats being built and be within a millimetre, it certainly gives us confidence in the software. We do some very complex designs and the accuracy really does astound me sometimes.

We regularly measure and weigh the boats as they float and compare that back to the design and once again the results are very accurate. I can’t really ask for much more than has been delivered with this software and have full confidence in it.”

-Jim Pauling