Testimonial- Dave Gerr

"Orca 3D was used extensively in the design of all of these boats, for hydrostatics, stability, lines drawings and getting other geometry out of Rhino and into AutoCAD as needed. Using the combination of Orca3D and Rhino, I can create any hull form I need, whether reproducing an existing vessel or designing from scratch.

Note that through Rhino 5, I didn’t use rendering but made 3D illustrations. Rendering was too slow for me. With Rhino 6, I now mostly do rendering."

-Dave Gerr


Characteristics of these boats are as follows:


28-Ft. Aluminum Sea Sled Patrol Boat
Hickman Sea Sled Advantages:
- High speed for installed power
- Unusually stable working platform
- Operation in very shallow water
- Bleachable
- Large working platform forward

Length Extreme (With Outboards): 34 ft. - 3 in. (10.4 m)
Length On Deck: 28 ft. - 9 in. (8.7 m)
Length Waterline: 24 ft. - 2 in. (7.9 m)
Beam Overall: 9 ft. - 0 in. (2.8 m)
Waterline Beam: 10 ft. - 5 in. (2.7 m)
Draft Max (To Propellers): 22 in. (55 cm)
Draft Hull: 14 in. (35 cm)
Displacement: 9,800 lb. (4445 kg)
Gasoline: 320 gal. (1210 l)
Water: 25 gal. (95 l)
Engines: (2) 450 hp outboards
Top Speed: 60 knots - Range: 200 n. miles
Cruising Speed High: 40 knots - Range 330 n. miles
Cruising Speed Low: 25 knots - Range 475 n. miles
Loiter Speed: 15 knots - Range 710 n. miles

41-Foot UTB:

An aluminum 41-foot US Coast Guard utility boat, this vessel was donated to SUNY Maritime College. The school is currently in the bid phase of updating and modifying this vessel for use as an MES (Marine Environmental Science) boat. In addition, to repowering and adding the new A-frame and davits, this also entails modifying the vessel aft to make it all flush decked. 


Using Rhino and Orca3D, I modeled the existing vessel and then modified it as required.


LOA: 41 ft. - 4 in. (12.6 m)

Beam: 14 ft. - 1 in. (4.3 m)

Draft: 4 ft. - 2 in. (127 cm)

Disp.: 12.9 tons

Fuel: 485 gal. (1835 l) diesel

Engines: (2) Cummins 350 HP diesels

Top Speed: 26 knots

Cruising Speed: 20 knots

Solaris/Solar Sal 44

A Zero-Fuel, Ultra-Green Boat
The First 100% Solar-Powered Boat Approved for Passenger Carrying in U.S. History

The Solaris/Solar Sal 44 not only uses no fuel, but she is designed to have the lowest carbon footprint possible-to be as green as possible. Of course, using no fuel at all is already super green and super low carbon, but the hull is also built of wood-of wood-epoxy/strip-plank sheathed with glass. (Wood-epoxy/strip-plank construction sheathed in glass has maintenance and longevity characteristics equal to that of conventional fiberglass.) This means that 95 percent of the hull structure is from the renewable and low-carbon material wood. Other boatbuilding materials-fiberglass, aluminum, steel and even ferrocement-have much, much higher carbon footprints.


Solaris/Solar Sal 44, built by Riverport Wooden Boat School at Hudson River Maritime MuseumSolaris is owned and operated by the  Hudson River Maritime Museum and is a100% solar/electric passenger tour boat. Patent pending (PCT/US201/59967) by Capt. David Borton, Ph.D., Solar Sal Solar Electric Marine Propulsion.

LOA: 44 Ft. - 11 in. (13.7 m)
LWL: 42 Ft. - 0 in. (12.8 m)
Beam: 10 Ft. - 10 in. (3.3 m)
Draft: 1 Ft. - 11 in. (58 cm)
Displacement: 6.2 tons
Power: (1) 10 kW Torqeedo Outboard 
Solar Panels: 6 KW SunPower
Batteries: (32) 8D Sealed AGM

Rebecca Cornell:

Specifically designed to take a couple for a cruise of the Great Loop, the Rebecca Cornell, can cruise, at 6 knots, for 9 to 10 hours entirely on her batteries. She is able to hop from marina to marina nearly 100 percent on electric power alone and then charge up at the dock overnight. Her 43-hp Beta diesel and 170-gallons of tankage; however, give her a cruising range of 570 nautical miles at 7 knots, whenever longer distance need to be covered. This is an ideal combination of green and quiet operation for the majority of her cruising, without compromising the ability to go anywhere her crew wants to take her.

LOA: 29 Ft. - 9 in. (9.07 m)
LWL: 28 Ft. - 5 in. (8.67 m)
Beam: 9 Ft. - 8 in. (2.95 m)
Draft: 3 Ft. - 1 in. (93 cm)
Displacement: 7.8 tons
Power: (1) 43-HP Beta Hybrid Diesel/Electric System
Batteries: (12) 8D Sealed AGM

Swift Water:

LOA: 210 ft. - 2 in.
LWL: 203 ft. - 9 in.
BOA: 41 ft. - 8 in.
Draft: 12 ft. - 4 in.
Disp.: 1,534 tons
DL Ratio: 181
Engine: (1) Fairbanks Morse FM-ALCO-251F-18V, 4,010 HP @ 900 RPM
Top speed: 16.6 knots
Cruise speed: 14 knots
Range @ 14 knots: 2,900 nautical miles
Fuel: 76.5 tons diesel
Generators: (2) Kohler 200 KW, (2) Kohler 40 KW