Testimonial- Back Cove Yachts and Sabre Yachts

"We just wrapped up our engineering trials on a new design, and we are very pleased with the results. Exceedingly happy with the accuracy of the simulations as they pertained to the arrangement of some of the hull details like spray strakes and fairings, etc. We also found a high degree of correlation between simulated and full scale effects of dynamic trim appliances (interceptors and trim tabs) which allowed us to choose the right appliance for this application right out of the box instead of having to trial several different types and arrangements. We took some risks with the hull form (that we would otherwise not have) due to having the data from the simulations to back up our ideas, and those risks taken certainly resulted in a better performing boat. This particular program was a trial run for the usefulness of CFD in the design phase, and our entire organization is convinced that there is a direct benefit to the product"

-Kevin Burns, VP Design & Product Development