SP80 going for the sailing speed record with Orca3D

Created in 2018, SP80 is a team composed of EPFL students and Alumni that passionately believe that through the combination of sailing, kitesurfing and engineering principles, they can significantly outperform the standing sailing speed record. Gathering members with strong experiences in high speed sailing and engineering, the team has been working since then on the design of a pioneer kite-boat to take up this challenge.

“Orca3D Marine CFD will be essential for our future work” commented Anaëlle Manon and Charles de Sarnez, two members of the SP80 fluid dynamics team. We will start by using it for the Velocity Prediction Program data generation. It will afterwards allow us to simulate different parameters’ influences, such as pitch, yaw or speed on the hull we already have. The results are going to be used to improve the VPP’s precision, which will in turn permit a study on the hull’s shape optimization.

Read more at www.sp80.ch.