See the latest Orca3D at Europort 2023, November 7-10 in Rotterdam, NL

The full NDAR team will be present at Europort Rotterdam, November 7-10, 2023.

We will be delighted to welcome you on our booth 5307 to discuss your projects and present our Naval Architecture & Shipbuilding Software Solutions.

The NDAR Software Solution for Naval Architecture & Shipbuilding is composed of the seamlessly integrated NDAR Naval Architecture and NDAR Shipbuilding Solutions.

The DNA of NDAR’s Solution is its single source of truth approach, by which each component, be it data or geometry, exists as a single instance and is completed and directly exploited by complementary applications.

> The NDAR Naval Architecture Solution: Orca3D
The NDAR Naval Architecture Solution is based on the Rhino3D platform, and was developed over the years working hands in hand with our software house partners and our most ambitious clients.

Orca3D is the backbone and heart of the NDAR Naval Architecture Solution Orca3D‘s fully integrated design and analysis toolset includes: Hull/Surface Modelling and Fairing, Resistance & Propulsion, Weight & Cost, Hydrostatics, Intact & Damaged Stability and CFD.  True to its single source of truth DNA, one single Rhino3D model is completed and exploited by several complementary Rhino3D plug-ins: ExpressMarine, VisualARQ, Altair, various rendering, engineering and analysis Rhino3D plug-ins, etc., but not only.

The NDAR Naval Architecture Solution extends beyond Orca3D and integrates, or at least seamlessly interfaces with other best-in-class engineering software such as ShipWeight, GHS, MAESTRO, NavCad, BV 3D Class, OCX (WIP), etc., “CAD/Digital Twin” software such as ShipConstructor, Navisworks, SmartShape, etc., Enterprise Systems like PLM, ERP, PDM, MRO, HR, Planning, etc., Virtual Environments such as VR, AR, Cloud and Dematerialization, etc.