Rhino3D + Orca3D training course @ NDAR, Antibes, France 11-13 October 2016

A 3-day Rhino3D + Orca3D training course will be held at NDAR in Antibes, France on 11-13 October 2016.

The instructor is Stéphane DARDEL, naval architect. The course will be held in English, and other languages will be supported (French, Italian).

The course is intended for naval architects and ship and boat designers, with a good knowledge of Rhino3D. The training will cover:

o Rhino v5 user interface and customization
o Foundations of modelling and fairing techniques
o Hull assistant
o Background bitmap
o Surface creation and modification
o Point control
o Surface analysis
o Hydrostatic calculations
o Real-time hydrostatics
o Stability with criteria verification
o If time allows, topics suggested by participants towards the end of Day 3

Course fees are 650€/day, and lunch will be provided. Advance payment of the fee is required to confirm registration. A minimum of 2 registered attendees is requested to maintain the course.

Participants should have Rhino3D v5 (latest service release) and Orca3D latest Release (v1.3) or WIP installed on their laptops. In terms of hardware, any modern laptop or netbook will run Rhino5/Orca3D comfortably in the context of the training course.

Registration will be accepted on a first come first served basis, places are limited.

For more information or logistics questions, please contact ndar@ndar.com.

Looking forward to seeing you at the course,

Stéphane DARDEL

Design Systems & Technologies ™
150 rue de Goa, 06600 Antibes, France
tel +33-4-9291 1324 / fax +33-4-9291 1338
ndar@ndar.com / www.ndar.com