Orca3D Interface to the NavCad Propulsion Software

Orca3D provides a few industry-standard methods for parametric resistance prediction, as well as a full computational fluid dynamics (CFD) capability. To complement these, the next update of Orca3D will include an interface to HydroComp’s NavCad® software, used for hydrodynamic and propulsion system simulation for vessels of any size. The flotation condition, speed(s), density and viscosity of the water, mono- or multi-hull, and the hull geometry are all exported via a NavCad script. NavCad can be launched directly from Orca3D with this script, saving time and eliminating transcription errors.

NavCad builds on Orca3D resistance capabilities with a number of different parametric methods, and allows the user to do a complete powering analysis with propeller and engine characteristics. This powering analysis can use one of NavCad’s parametric methods to develop the underlying resistance curve or, for even more accuracy, the resistance data can come from Orca3D Marine CFD. Together, Orca3D, NavCad, and Orca3D Marine CFD provide the naval architect with a complete speed and power performance prediction toolset for almost any size and type of hull.