New Version 1 Release (Version 1.5.2)

We’re pleased to announce the latest update to Orca3D Version 1. This version (1.5.2) fixes some minor bugs, and is anticipated to be the final Version 1 release. New development efforts are now focused on Version 2, which is compatible with Rhino 6. Bug fixes include:

  • Fixed a bug in OrcaSimericsAnalysis command where creating multiple self-propelled simulations (by specifying multiple propeller rpm operating points) caused an error.
  • Fixed a bug in computing hydrostatics for block instance objects where one or more of the inserted objects contained an orientation-reversing transformation such as a mirror operation.
  • Fixed a bug in the Orca Network Server installation where a post-installation custom action was being skipped.

To download Version 1.5.2, please visit the Version 2 (for Rhino 6) page.

If you have questions as you install and use the new release, remember that you can:

  • send an email to
  • read through the Help file which is available from the Orca3D menu in Rhino, and in PDF format here