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KND signed new Fast Ferry contract

Sea Limousine Maldives Pvt Ltd has awarded a contract to KND to provide design services for the design of new passenger ferries for the Maldives. The contract is part of a ten (10) year plan, which is a partnership between Sri Lanka and Maldives.  The project covers the development of a new shipyard in Sri Lanka (Sea Horse Yachts) and Ferry operator Sea Limousine in Maldives. When complete, it will provide a modern, reliable and resilient lifeline passenger ferry service between the islands. With a strong focus on reducing the environmental footprint, KND will investigate and evaluate the application of energy efficiency solutions to make the new vessel design more sustainable while still offering the high level of safety and reliability expected from a lifeline ferry service.

14m Catamaran design order received

KND has a strong track record of advanced vessel design, knowledge and experience, and has a thorough understanding of the challenges and the opportunities offered by new fast ferry operations. The contract award to KND by Sea Limousine Maldives is an important milestone in the new vessel project, which will provide much-needed investment in the ferry service for the local community in Maldives and the overall vessel fleet of Sea Limousine Maldives. The 14m Fast Foiled Ferry designed by KND will be driven by diesel outboard motors and will host 30 passengers in comfort.

40m Catamaran Super Yacht LOI received

Medical Clinic and more

Our KND team shares enthusiasm for innovation. Our connection to AFRICA and location leads us to solutions that works in AFRICA and maybe even further. Our latest innovation is a platform which arrive complete in a 40ft container. After arrival, the platform can be assembled on site and launched. Whether it is a medical clinic, floating school, restaurant or houseboat, this new patented design will meet the needs for many applications. KND will configure a design to meet our client’s needs.