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Welcome to Orca3D

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Welcome to Orca3D, a comprehensive program that leverages the power of Rhino for the naval architect.

Orca3D is a suite of tools, written as a plug-in for Rhinoceros®, providing powerful naval architectural design and analysis capabilities that are easy to learn and run in a powerful 3D CAD environment.

A completely new and yet familiar program.

While Orca3D was written entirely from scratch, you may find it very familiar. First, it has been designed and written by a group of naval architects that are well known for developing some of the most common and powerful design tools in the industry. With Orca3D, we have been able to create a completely new program, using the latest programming tools and techniques, and the benefit of the experience that can only come from a combined experience of almost 100 years of software development for the marine industry.

Second, Orca3D has been developed as a plug-in to Rhino, one of the most popular and widely used 3D modeling programs in the world today, especially in the marine industry. Simply put, if you are already comfortable running Rhino, you should be able to be productive with Orca3D immediately.


First class software, backed up by first class support.

Orca3D has been designed and created by a group of naval architects that care about your experience with the software. Simply put, we feel successful when our software can leverage your design talents to create better vessels. If you have questions that can't be answered through this Help or the resources on our website, feel free to contact us, at We enjoy hearing about your projects, your application of Orca3D, and your challenges, and will do our best to help.

Printing the User Manual.

While you can print this version of the manual, in general the formatting will not turn out nicely. For a hardcopy, we recommend that you print the PDF version of the manual, which is located in the Orca3D\Help folder.

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