Marine Design Plug-in for Rhino

Video Tutorials

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Below is a list of video tutorials on various topics that you can watch on-line.

General Overview

Quick demonstration of the capabilities of Orca3D, the marine plug-in for Rhino.

Overview of Orca3D Licensing

See how to activate and transfer your license.

Aperçu général en français

Orca3D Hull Assistant

Demonstration of the Orca3D Hull Assistant

Orca3D Sections

Demonstration of setting up section locations, and having them update as the hull is modified.

Orca3D Hydrostatics

Demonstration of basic hydrostatics calculations in Orca3D

Orca3D Speed/Power Calculation Demonstration

Speed/Power presentation by Don MacPherson of HydroComp, Inc., the author of the speed/power library that is used in Orca3D.


Orca3D Weight Cost

Orca3D Properties

This demonstration focuses on the various parameters and settings in the Orca Properties dialog.

Orca3D Stability Criteria Evaluation

See a set of stability criteria to be evaluated is defined, and how Orca3D can compute the intact stability and determine if the vessel will meet the criteria.

Orca3D Outward Normals

In this demonstration, learn why the outward normal property of a surface is important when computing hydrostatics, and how to make sure that it is set properly.


Orca3D: Creating a Planar Sheerline

A planar sheerline will never show any inflections, no matter the view. It will always be completely concave, convex, or flat, no matter your vantage point. Many believe that this is the mark of an “elegant” sheerline. In this video, you will see how to place the control points along the sheer in a plane, resulting in a planar sheerline.