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New WIP Release (1.4 WIP 2014-11-19)

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We’re pleased to announce the release of a new Work-in-Progress (WIP) version of Orca3D (1.4 WIP 2014-11-19). This WIP will expire on February 4th, 2015.

Please note that this release no longer supports Rhinoceros version 4. This and future Orca3D WIP releases require Rhinoceros version 5.

Feature Enhancements and Bug Fixes:
  • Changed the storage mechanism for weight/cost items, to improve the speed when reading, writing, and computing weight/cost properties.
  • Fixed a bug related to the detailed section of the stability criteria evaluation report. The results of the first heeling arm condition were being reported instead of the upright condition.

As a WIP, there will certainly be feature additions, changes, or removals before the final release, but this is your chance to give us feedback and suggestions. A few important notes to be aware of:

    • This version of the 1.4 WIP will function only with Rhino 5, and not with Rhino 4. You should have Service Release 8 or later.


  • Only one version of Orca3D may be installed at a time. Therefore, you must uninstall Orca3D from your computer before installing this WIP.



  • No change to your License is required. The new version of Orca3D will find your existing License.



  • Portions of the Help file may not be entirely up to date.



  • This WIP will expire on February 4th, 2015. Either the final version of Orca3D 1.4 will be released before then, or a new WIP will be released.


If you have questions as you install and use the new release, remember that you can: 


  • read through the Help file which is available from the Orca3D menu in Rhino, and on our web site here


To download the new version, please visit our Work-in-Progress page.Thank you very much for using Orca3D, and we look forward to hearing from you!