Marine Design Plug-in for Rhino

Orca3D Marine CFD

Orca3D Marine CFD is the combination of the Orca3D marine design plug-in and Simerics Multi-Purpose (MP) CFD software, to provide a fast, accurate, and easy-to-use CFD solution for the naval architect. By combining a specialized interface in Orca3D and a custom template in SimericsMP, we have brought an affordable, powerful, and proven set of analysis tools to the desktop of the designer, without the need to become a specialized CFD expert analyst.

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Why use CFD?

  • Eliminate or reduce model test cost and schedule
  • Improve vessel performance
  • Increase customer confidence in the performance of your design

With the Orca3D Marine CFD package, you can:

  • Run resistance and self-propelled analyses for displacement and planing hulls
  • Analyze monohulls and multihulls, with or without appendages
  • Include any type of hull features (e.g., steps, trim tabs, etc.)
  • Analyze longitudinal dynamic instability (porpoising) for planing hulls
  • Compute water and air streamlines

Key benefits of the Orca3D Marine CFD package include:

  • Easy to run with confidence, without the need to be a dedicated CFD analyst
  • Benchmarked with proprietary and public-domain hulls, against full-scale data, model tests, and other analysis codes, with excellent results
  • Fast solver; uses all cores available on the computer
  • Multiphase capability accurately models the free surface behavior
  • Automated CFD volume meshing in Simerics, using Rhino surface meshes as input
  • Automated setup of the domain and wave refinement zone, based on input from Orca3D
  • Morphing domain grid, as the vessel heaves and pitches
  • Animations of the simulation results (e.g., vessel acceleration, porpoising)
  • 2D/3D display of simulation behavior including dynamic pressure, wave elevation, sinkage and trim, and more

There are two parts to the package; Orca3D Level 2 and Simerics CFD. You need both parts to run a CFD simulation.

The Orca3D CFD interface is included in the Level 2 package. The Simerics CFD code is available directly from us with a 3-month or 12-month license, as well as intermittent licenses that allow you to activate the software on a project-by-project basis. Want to learn how Orca3D Marine CFD could improve your design process? Let us give you a live, on-line demonstration, showing how quickly you can go from your Rhino/Orca3D model to accurate, high-fidelity results! Then request an evaluation license, to see for yourself how easy it is to get accurate results.

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EXAMPLE BENCHMARKS (click to enlarge any graphics)

DTMB Model 5415


KCS Containership



Wave Cut Comparison

(Click to animate)

Airflow streamlines and free-surface elevation


Porpoising Planing Hull

Accelerating Planing Hull

Accelerating Hull with Dynamic Pressure and Free Surface Elevation