Marine Design Plug-in for Rhino



Orca3D Marine Design Software

Building on Rhino’s powerful 3D modeling capabilities, Orca3D provides marine-specific tools for hull design and fairing, hydrostatics and intact stability, and more. With the Orca3D plug-in, you can conceptualize, model, and analyze your design in a single environment, without the tedious and error-prone task of transferring your design from one program to another, or the need to learn a new user-interface.

Orca3D is broken into modules which can be purchased as bundles:

  • Level 1: Hull Design and Hydrostatics/Intact Stability
  • Level 2: Hull Design, Hydrostatics/Intact Stability, Speed/Power Analysis, and Weight/Cost Tracking


Orca3D contains the following modules:


Walter Schurtenberger Constellation Yachts
I have been using Orca almost from the beginning when the wip versions came out. I think it is an outstanding plug-in for any yacht designer. I do very much appreciate the cost and weight module (which saves creating several separate spreadsheets on the side). I also like the functionality and user friendliness. We design mainly catamarans and trimarans and the performance predictions do not exactly apply to our hulls, but combined with our experience factor, it is still very useful and accurate. I would also like to compliment tech support; anytime I needed their help they were quick and accurate. I would like to thank Bruce Hays and his team for creating this program and continuing to improve it.