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Posts made in October, 2015

Scripting in Orca3D

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Just like Rhino, many of the commands in Orca3D can be used in scripts to automate processes. A complete list of the Orca3D commands is shown in the Help file, in the Orca Command Reference chapter. The table also indicates whether each command is scriptable. Orca3D commands may be combined with Rhino commands to create very powerful scripts. In one example, a user...

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Modeling Complex Transitions

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With Rhino and Orca3D, very detailed and complex models may be created. Sometimes it’s necessary to create a transition between two surfaces, and this video on the Rhino Tech Tips website helps to explain how this can be done. “In this advanced video tutorial, learn to model smooth transitions using combinations of fillets, sweeps and network...

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Rhino Template Files

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If you find yourself adjusting the various Rhino and Orca3D settings each time you begin a new model, you’ll appreciate learning about Rhino template files. Templates allow you to start  with your own defaults for Rhino settings such as units and the grid, and Orca3D settings such as Orca3D units, Company Name, and water density. There is an excellent tutorial...

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